4Hire Commercial Vehicle

Term's and Condition's

FLEET - Vans (all sizes), minibuses, tippers & motorhomes . We have the largest commercial hire fleet on the Island.

DAY - A day is 24 hours. The ‘return due’ time is the same as the pre-booked collection time, unless otherwise agreed and marked as such on the Hire Agreement. See notes regarding late return.

AGE LIMITS - Drivers must be age 23 and under 81 and have held a full, clean driving licence for at least 12 months-UK/European/International licences are acceptable The driving licence must be produced when the vehicle is collected. No R or L plates.

DRIVERS - Additional drivers charged at £4 + VAT per day.

FUEL - Is on a same to same basis and vehicles should be returned with the same level of fuel as when collected in order to avoid refuelling charges of £2.15 p/litre + VAT. Please note our MINIMUM CHARGE for re-fuelling is 10 litres. Please consider if you have a night crossing to the Island; you may need to top up before you board the ferry. We do not allow ‘bio-diesel’ to be used in our vehicles, any evidence of using this may result in significant charges to the hirer. The hirer must ensure the correct fuel is used for the vehicle.

DAMAGE - Each vehicle has a damage check sheet. This will indicate any marks on the vehicle, as well as the fuel level and should be checked and signed by the customer before leaving our premises because this cannot be amended once the vehicle has left our premises. If the vehicle is returned during our opening hours we will check the vehicle in on return with the customer.

OFF ISLAND - There is a £30 charge for taking our vehicles to the UK or N. Ireland. A minimum 2-day hire charge is applicable. Any vehicle up to and including the LWB Transits (not high roof) may be taken on the ferry at the standard domestic rate, assuming your trip is for domestic purposes. We will provide any information on the vehicle that you need for your ferry booking.

BREAKDOWN - In the event of breakdown on all Ford vehicles please phone Ford Assist on 0203 564 4444 and quote the vehicle registration. NON FORD VANS are covered under RAC Breakdown (Bentley IOM Ltd t/a Ocean Ford a/c 21061318) phone 0333 202 3000 and quote Agreement number: 3100267035 and vehicle registration number. NON FORD MINIBUSES are covered under RAC Breakdown phone 0333 202 3000 and quote agreement number 102765110701 and vehicle registration. If unsure please checkyour key fob for breakdown number.

PUNCTURES - The Hirer is expected to be capable of changing to the spare wheel; the Hirer will be liable for any charges incurred as a result of not being able to do so. Punctures will be charged at £20 + VAT per repair, and if tyres/wheels are irreparably damaged (e.g. by being driven when flat or ‘kerbed’) the tyre/wheel will be charged at replacement costs. Any replacement tyres purchased by the hirer must be similar to those already fitted.

EIRE - Rates are the same for UK hire. All tolls need to be either prepaid before the trip by the customer or during the trip. Any charges/fines after the hire for non payment will be the hirer’s responsibility and payment taken from the card we have for security.

PAYMENT: Hire is paid for on collection. Payment by card is required; we take most major credit and debit cards but not debit cards such as Solo/Maestro/Electron.

FIT FOR PURPOSE - It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the hire vehicle is appropriate for the requirement. We do not permit loads to protrude further than the interior limits of the vehicle; this includes vans and tippers. Special care should be taken when using roof racks.

MILEAGE: Unlimited mileage is included in the price of IOM, UK and Ireland hire.

TOWING: Some of our vehicles may be used for towing. Details of towing capacities are available on request.

INSURANCE - Our own insurance is free-of-charge and carries an excess of £950 (all vans except small) or £500 (small vans). If you would like to use your own insurance please let us know; you will need to present a valid cover note showing comprehensive cover for hire vehicles(this is not always the case).. Full liability applies where damage is deemed to be negligent e.g. hitting overhead or overhanging objects or spanning constructions.

WAIVER - For a pre-paid fee of £6 per day (+VAT), the excess payable is reduced to £400 (All vans except small) or £150 (small vans). The excess figure relates to EACH INCIDENT that results in damage to our vehicle or any third party. Please note that should a vehicle be rendered unusable as a result of damage incurred whilst on hire, the hirer may be liable for any loss of revenue until repairs can be completed; this is regardless of and in addition to any amounts paid for repairs (excess or otherwise).

PERSONAL INSURANCE - We do not offer additional personal/accident/contents insurance.

ACCIDENTS - Any accidents must be reported to 4HIRE at the earliest opportunity (01624) 664444.

MAINTENANCE - If the hire period extends to over one week, the hirer is requested to carry out basic checks on the vehicle: lights, tyre pressures, oil and water levels. Local hirers are welcome to bring the vehicle to our workshop for our mechanics do this ‘while you wait’.

PETS - Animal hair can be difficult to remove from upholstery, so please ensure that covers are placed on any seats/floors when pets are travelling. Please see notes below on valeting.

SMOKING - It is against the law to smoke in hire vehicles; therefore we operate a NO SMOKING policy.

RETURNS AND LATE RETURNS - Hire can be extended BY ARRANGEMENT ONLY; you should call to request this ASAP to avoid disappointment. Hire vehicles are not necessarily required to be returned during our normal business hours; if you are returning out of hours please park the vehicle in the designated area at the rear of our yard and lock it. Keys should be posted in the KEY RETURN box beside the front door. Responsibility for the vehicle remains with the hirer until checked in by our staff.

LIABILITY - The hirer is liable for any parking tickets, congestion charges, tolls or other charges incurred during the hire. As with speeding, UK parking tickets are enforced in the IOM. A charge of £25 will be made to the hirer for any unpaid tickets that are reported by the authorities and the hirer will still be liable for the ticket and any late-payment charges levied by the authority. Parking discs are provided for use in the IOM and are available FOC, Island-wide.

VALETING - In exceptional circumstances (e.g. dog hairs, liquid spillages on seats) a charge for valeting may be levied.